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Articles in refereed journals/Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture

13.Regulatory arbitrage and the efficiency of banking regulation(with Hubert Kempf), forthcoming. Journal of Financial Intermediation. Blog post summary.

12.“Les déterminants de la mobilisation des gilets jaunes(with Thomas Delemotte, Germain Gauthier, Vincent Rollet et Benoît Schmutz), 2019. Revue Economique. Policy Note and media coverage.

11. European Economic and Monetary Union reform preferences of French and German parliamentarians(with Sebastian Blesse, Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba and Anasuya Raj), 2019.  European Union Politics, 20 (3), 406-424. Policy Note. Blog post summary.

10.“Intégration européenne et politiques du marché du travail: Quel consensus entre parlementaires français et allemands?(avec Sebastian Blesse, Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba and Anasuya Raj), 2017.  Revue d’économie politique, 127 (5), 737-759. Policy Note.

9.“Targeted campaign competition, loyal voters, and supermajorities(with Kai Konrad and Brian Roberson), 2017. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 71, 49-62.

8.Do Norms on Contribution Behavior Affect Intrinsic Motivation? Field-Experimental Evidence from Germany(with Nadja Dwenger and Johannes Rincke), 2016. Journal of Public Economics, 144, 140-153.

7.Legitimacy of mechanisms for public good provision (with Yukio Koriyama and Elisabeth Schulte), 2016. Economics Letters, 146, 120-122.

6.Efficiency, Welfare, and Political Competition (with Felix Bierbrauer), 2016. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131 (1), 461-518.

5.Inequality-averse principal, exogenous budget, and second-best public-goods provision, 2015. Economics Letters, 127, 61-63.

4.The Pareto-Frontier in a simple Mirrleesian model of income taxation(with Felix Bierbrauer), 2014. Annals of Economics and Statistics, 113-114 : 185-206.

3.Political competition and Mirrleesian income taxation: A first pass (with Felix Bierbrauer), 2013. Journal of Public Economics, 103 : 1-14 (lead article).

2.Regulatory capture and banking supervision reform(with Jorge Ponce), 2012. Journal of Financial Stability, 8 (3) : 206-217.

1.“La fourniture de biens publics par un gouvernement à deux niveaux,  2011. Revue Economique, 62 (3) : 521-530. 

Contributions to books/Contributions à  des ouvrages

1.“Central banks and banking supervision reform (with Jorge Ponce), 2011. Sylvester Eijffinger and Donato Masciandaro (Eds.) Handbook of Central Banking, Financial Regulation and Supervision, Edward Elgar, 158-179. Leaflet.

 Articles in working paper series/Articles dans des séries de papiers de travail

3.“Politically feasible reforms of non-linear tax systems(with Felix Bierbrauer and Andreas Peichl), 2019. Previous version: CEPR Discussion Papers No. 13059. Supplementary Material. Revise and resubmit American Economic Review.

2.“The Role of Electoral Incentives for Policy Innovation: Evidence from the U.S. Welfare Reform(with Andreas Bernecker and Christina Gathmann), 2019. CEPR Discussion Papers No. 13763. Revise and resubmit American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

1.“Discrimination in Dynamic Procurement Design with Learning-by-doing(with Klenio Barbosa), 2016. CREST Série des Documents de Travail n°2016-37.  Revise and resubmit International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Selected work in progress/Miméos

3. “Public debt and the political economy of reforms” (with Christoph Esslinger and Brian Roberson), coming soon…

2.“On the political economy of the income-tax threshold” (with Felix Bierbrauer and Anasuya Raj), coming soon…

1.“Tax reforms with many brackets” (with Felix Bierbrauer and Emanuel Hansen), coming soon…

Policy reports/Politiques économiques

5.Le territoire des gilets jaunes (avec Thomas Delemotte, Germain Gauthier, Vincent Rollet et Benoît Schmutz), Les notes de l’IPP n°39, Avril 2019.

4.“United We Stand? – Survey Results on the Views of French, German and Italian Parliamentarians on EU and EMU Reforms(with Sebastian Blesse, Massimo Bordignon, Piergiorgio Carapella, Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba and Anasuya Raj), ZEW policy brief n°1, February 2019. Communiqué de presse

3.Intégration européenne et politiques du marché du travail: Clivages politiques ou nationaux? (avec Anasuya Raj), Les notes de l’IPP n°30, Avril 2018.

2.European Monetary Union reform preferences of French and German parliamentarians (with Sebastian Blesse, Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba and Anasuya Raj), SUERF Policy Notes n°29, March 2018.

1.“Searching for a Franco-German Consensus on the Future of Europe – Survey Results for Bundestag, Assemblée Nationale and Sénat(with Sebastian Blesse, Friedrich Heinemann and Eckhard Janeba), ZEW policy brief n°5, September 2016. Communiqué de presse


Articles in the Press/Articles dans la presse

5.EMU reform preferences: Is there a consensus between French and German MPs? (with Sebastian Blesse, Friedrich Heinemann, Eckhard Janeba and Anasuya Raj), LSE EUROPP blog, septembre 2019.

4.Une fiscalité au niveau européen, possible antidote à la baisse de popularité de l’UE, The Conversation, mars 2019.

3.Sur quels chantiers relancer l’Europe? L’avis de parlementaires français et allemands, The Conversation, octobre 2016.

2.Regulatory Arbitrage and the Efficiency of Banking Regulation(with Hubert KEMPF), Oxford Business Law Blog, juin 2016.

1.Mieux employer les bureaucrates, Les Échos, septembre 2011.


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